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A large part of our work is presented in our gallery of videos as well as the different kinds of alopecia  which we have treated.   In this section we demonstrate some of the aspects of a hair transplant by more graphic means. In accordance with our philosophy which we applied when we first published the gallery of patients, we believe that by showing some of the phases of surgery which we have already described in previous sections will help you to evaluate the results and clear up any doubts you may have, which can also be explained in your final consultation. We hope that the videos are as clear as possible while at the same time protecting the identity of our patients and in due respect to them, we sincerely thank our patients for sharing their results with other possible future patients. The gallery is upgraded periodically with interesting aspects of our work as these become available. Given that this section came about in order to form a response to your questions via the webpage, we urge you to continue using this means of communication to continue expanding the webpage. We are pioneers in Spain in the FUE Technique and for that we also show videos which demonstrate the advantages of our technique. If you do not know the degree of your hair loss, you can use the guide below to form an approximate idea of the amount of follicular units you would need.  
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