The implants are obtained from a strip of skin which is extracted from the donor area. The extraction zone is closed with sutures which are removed between 7 and 12 days after operation, although sometimes dissolvable sutures are used which do not require the stitches to be removed. The follicles are immediately separated from the skin under specially designed binocular microscopic stereoscopes. This allows us to insert the follicles without damaging them directly into the receptor zone using the implanter. Advantages: Time: using this technique, mega sessions of 3000 follicular units can be performed in just one day. This option used to also be more economic but at but we have now equaled the price of both techniques for the benefit of our patients. Disadvantages: The scar that is produced in the donor area as a result of the extraction (although these are easily hid under the hair, unless cut very short). This method is more surgical than FUE.
The classic strip method
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