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International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) It is estimated that the number of procedures performed globally in 2008 was 252.000 (12% more than in 2006). In the USA 98.727 operations In Canada 5.268 operations In Mexico, Central and South America 13.102 operations In Europe 32.320 operations In Asia 78.822 operations In Australia 3.116 operations In the Middle East 20.647 operations Based on an approximate number of 252.000 hair transplants performed in 2008 multiplied by the average honoraries charged per patient, the estimated values are as follows: $1.268.590.668 USD (US Dollar) €971.501.957 (Euros) $1.536.263.299 CAD (Canadian Dollar) $1.760.994.136 AUD (AustralianDollar) The average honorary charged per procedure in this formula was inferred from the professionals interviewed in the survey and represents an average of the total amount the patients were charged. As the cost of each procedure depends on the number of units and many other factors, the average honorary as discussed in this survey is not a figure that is representative of what a patient can be expected to pay and should not be taken as the standard price for a hair transplant procedure. On a global scale there were 811.363 patients treated in 2008 (236.468 surgeries and 574.894 non-surgical treatments, 26% more than in 2006). In the USA 227.216 patients were treated In Canada 10.695 patients In Mexico, Central and South America 43.969 patients In Europe 73.167 patients In Asia 385.711 patients In the Middle East 55.750 patients En 2008, 84.9% de todas las restauraciones quirúrgicas eran hombres (apenas por debajo del 86.2% registrado en 2006). In 2008, 84.9% of all hair restorations were men (barely below the 86.2% registered in 2006). The average age of men in the main group (31.2%) was around 30 years. In 2008, 15.1% were women (above the 13.8% figure of 2006). The average age of women in the main group (31.1%) was 40 years. In 2008, 68.2% of all non-surgical patients were men (71.8% in 2006).  In 2008, 31.8% of all non-surgical patients were women (28.2% in 2006). In 2008, more than half of the total patients were between 30 and 49 years of age (59.6% and 54.9% respectively). Of the 252.002 cases of hair restoration procedures carried out in the world in 2008: The Middle East experienced the largest increase in number of procedures, with 20.647 operations performed in 2008 (68% more than in 2006). While almost all of the procedures performed in 2008 (92.9%) were performed on baldness, the reparations to eyebrows increased significantly by 43.1% (11.105 procedures in 2008 vs. 7.758 in 2006). In Europe, eyebrow transplants increased by 297.9% (2.861 in 2008 vs. 719 in 2006) In Mexico, Central and South America the increase was 21.5% (745 in 2008 vs. 613 in 2006) In Asia, the demand for hair transplant involving the thorax increased by 184.4% (219 in 2008 vs. 77 in 2006) In the Middle East, the number of facial hair transplants (beard-moustache) increased by 110% (916 in 2008 vs. 436 in 2006) In the USA, the number of facial hair transplants increased by 15.1% (1369 in 2008 vs. 1189 in 2006) The objective of this survey is to obtain viable and realistic data related to the volume of hair transplants performed, demographical data, surgical techniques and medical treatment used as well as other practices. The margin of error of the sample is +/- 6.5% and the confidence level is 95%. The ISHRS has contracted the services of RH Research, Chicago, IL to develop the mechanics of the survey, collect the data, analyze the findings and prepare the final report. RH research is an independent investigative company specialized in surveys and statistic programs for professional societies and commercial associations. All of the data acquired from the professional members of the  ISHRS was handled with absolute confidentiality by RH Research. The ISHRS Practice Census of 2009 is a publication by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is a synopsis of the information requested from the professionals participating. The information published in the survey is based on new information and does not include old data. Neither RH Research nor the ISHRS have verified the exactness, convenience or veracity of the data that the survey presents, therefore the ISHRS does not recommend personal use of this information. The ISHRS does not act as a guarantor nor is it represented by the report and does not assume the responsibility for the incorrect use of this survey. PS: to view the entire survey performed by the ISHRS in 2007, please visit: Translation: Dra. Ximena Vila
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