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In our clinic we operate it exclusively by FUE Technique
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Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic PIONEERS IN SPAIN Year 2003 FUE TECHNIQUE ICC dont´t suport any Hair Transplant forum, and only is menber of the WFI  (World FUE institute). ICC don´t share the criteria of the ISHRS.
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February 2016:

Taking advantage of the trip to Brussels for the definitive Constitution of the WFI (link), we delay our return to Spain to spend a great day working with Dr Emorane Lupanzula and his wife Sandra at the Medikemos clinic. Thank you both for your kindness and hospitality.

November 2015:

Dr. Arthur Tykocinsky, one of the most recognized Brazilian surgeons due to his profesional and educational activity, and currently BOG secretary of the ISHRS, has visited us in our Medilor Clinic in Alcobendas. We have been honored with his visit and appreciate Dr. Tykocinsky for the time he shared with us.

October 2015:

1st meeting in Bucharest for the constitution of the new international society focused on FUE technique. That meeting has the presence of Dr. Koray Erdogan, Bijan Feriduni, Emorane Lupanzula, Alex Ginzburg and Husain Rahal; and the virtual presence of Dr. Ron Shapiro, Alejandro Chueco, Tony Ruston and Jerry Wong.

The vote for designation of the BOG (Board of Goverment) is the following:

- President: Dr. Lorenzo

- Vice president: Dr. Erdogan

- Treasurer: Dr. Feriduni.

- Secretary: Dr. Lupanzula.

August 2015:

For our colleague Dr. Vila from all the team at injertocapilar.com:

A birth represents the beginning of everything, it’s the miracle of the present and the hope of the future. Congratulations on the birth of your second child.

May 2015:

Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo on the 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop hosted by Dr. Koray Erdongan, Alex Ginzburg and José Lorenzo in the city of Istanbul (Turkey), the 26th, 27 and 28th June, 2015,". Among Faculties we were lucky to have Dr. Jerry Wong, John Cole, James Harris, Robert True, Emorane Lupanzula, Hussein Rahal, Bijan Feriduni y Jean Devroye, very well-known and reputed doctors in the field of the FUE Technique. In this opportunity Dr. Lorenzo was in charge of the scientific program of the workshop (chairman).

Thursday 25:

General Session:

- Follicular adherence, Anchor System (ppt)

- Manual FUE tools (ppt)

- Quality of the donor area and predictive points (ppt)

- Debate: moderator on the topic: Hairs per graft in HT technique


Hair per graft comparison between FUE manual, Strip and Artas (10 months study) (ppt)

- Implantation FUE graft with implanter (ppt + video)

- Comparative forceps/ implanters


- Manual Step Technique (video)

Surgical Session:

- Extraction, FUE manual: 700 grafts

- Placement with implanter..

Friday 26:

General Session:

- Surgical strategy in advanced alopecia. Split Technique (ppt)

Surgical Session:

- Placement with implanter.

Sábado 27:

General Session:

- Segmented Acell study in 40 patients and results (ppt)

- Telogen effluvium of the donor site (ppt + video)

Surgical Session:

- Extraction, FUE manual: 1000 grafts

- Placement with implanter.

May 2015:

Dr. Anthonio Ruston, one of the most renowned Brazilian hair surgeons, visited us at our clinic in Madrid, appointment that he used to carry out a small touch-up in his hair.

We thank Dr. Ruston his warmth, joy and companionship during his stay with us. A fun visit without a doubt.

April 2015:

Dr. José Lorenzo visit again Dr. Koray Erdogan's clinic to plan and finalize the details of the 3rd Mediterranean FUE workshop hosted together with Dr. Ginzburg and Dr. Erdogan in the city of Istanbul, Turkey in June 2015.

March 2014:

Final Agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the 4th AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and live surgery workshop, sponsored by the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery and hosted by Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich in the city of Bangkok (Thai), on March 28-29, 2015. 5J’s World’s Renowned Surgeon: Jerry Wong, John Cole, James Harris, Jennifer Martinick, Jose Lorenzo.

Friday 28: General session: “The art of FUE with Manuel Punch in Asian Hair". Powerpoint

Friday 28: General session: “The Role of FUT in the ERA of FUE". Debate Moderator.

Saturday 29: Live Surgery: Manual FUE extraction and implantation with Implanter pen.

December 2014:

Dr. Koray Erdogan with his Techs' Dilek and Elif visited us in our clinic Medilor, in Madrid, as part of the collaboration and close friendship that join our clinics. We want to express our gratitude to Dr. Erdogan and staff for their charm, kidness and predisposition to share knowledges.

October 2014:

Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the 22 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October, 8-11 2014".

Dr. Lorenzo's agenda (5 events):

7th October 2013: Manual FUE Hands-ON Course: Workshop director for the third year running (2 courses: morning and afternoon)

8th October 2013: Newcomers Orientation Breakfast: Faculty

9th October 2013: President's Annual Giving Fund Reception. Collaborating foundation.

9th October 2013: FUE Science Committee: Committee member.

10th October 2013: Coffee with the experts: Spanish-Speaking Table: FUE & Implanting Pen, Lorenzo

November 2014:

Dr Jerry Wong has visited us in our clinic of Madrid. We thank Dr Wong and Carmen for their sympathy and knowledge sharing during their stay in Medilor.

July 2014:

Dr. Rahal visited us at the clinic in Manchester. We thank Dr. Rahal for his sympathy and for sharing knowledge with us.

June 2014:

Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the European Hair Transplant Workshop, hosted by Jean Devroye MD in the city of Brussels, from 13th to 15th of June, 2014".

Among the Faculties we count with the participation of Dr. Cole, Dr. Koray, Dr. Ginzburg, Dr. Harris, Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Wolf and Drs. Devroye and Lorenzo.

Friday 13: General session: “Surgical Strategy". Powerpoint

Friday 13: General session: “Placement with implanter". Powerpoint. Video

Friday 13: Live surgery: Extracción FUE manual.

Saturday 14: Breakfast with expert.

Saturday14: General session: “FUE in Women". Powerpoint

Saturday 14: Live surgery: Manual FUE extraction and implantation with implanter

Domingo 15: Topic moderator: "Patient assessment and Special cases”. Powerpoint. Foto

Video del workshop:

May 2014:

Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the 5th Brazilian Congress of Hair Restoration in Maresias, Sao Paulo, Brasil, from 21st to 25th of May of 2014.

May 22: General session: "FUE: Technique and planning".

May 22: General session: “FUE: Complication and how to avoid”. PPT lecture

May 22: General session: “Controversies: FUT x FUE”. Debate

Dr. Lorenzo’s Agenda (Five events)

May 2014:

Injertocapilar.com has exceeded 300 submissions for videos on the Youtube. Thanks to our patients for their understanding and cooperation.

The videos are part of the education of patients concerned about their hair, investigating protocols capillary graft correct.

April 2014:

Dr. Lorenzo's final agenda at the 20th Annual Live Surgery Workshop (platinum edition) in Orlando, Florida, on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of April of 2014.

Dr. Lorenzo’s agenda (five events)

April 9: Basic Course: "Donor Harvesting with FUE Technique. Instruments". Powerpoint lecture + Video.

April 10: General Session: "Patient selection and safe donor area”. Powerpoint lecture

April 11: General Session: "FUE planing in advanced grades of hair loss”. Powerpoint lecture

April 11: Operation Restore Session: “Eyebrow reconstruction in a 9 years-old patient with burn injuries”. Video

April 11: Hands-on session: FUE case. Live FUE procedure in the medical center of Bosley-Dr. Leavitt in Orlando.

February 2014:

Dr. José Lorenzo will join Dr. Alex Ginzburg and Dr. Koray Erdogan in the organization of the 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop in the city of Istanbul, Turkey in June, 2014. It will be the next FUE mediterranean workshop after the first MFW in Israel in 2009, and the second in Madrid in 2012.

February 2014:

Dr. José Lorenzo invited in the capacity of Faculty in the XV International Congress ISHR Siracusa (Italian Society of Hair Restoration), in Siracusa from the 26th to the 29th of June of 2014. Dr. Lorenzo will participate in conferences and debates about hair transplant.

February 2014:

José Lorenzo has been again invited in the capacity of Faculty in the 20th Annual Live Surgery Workshop (platinum edition) in Orlando, Florida from the 9th to the 12th of April of 2014, Co-sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and Matt Leavitt DO. Dr. Lorenzo is going to participate in some lectures, debates and live surgeries about FUE

January 2014:

Dr. Lorenzo visits the new and outstanding ASMED clinic of Dr. Koray Erdogan in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Erdogan and Dr. Lorenzo share knowledge and efforts in the develop and evolution of FUE Technique. Thanks again for your kindness, and hospitality, Dilek, Marco, Seda and all the team of ASMED clinic.

January 2014:

Dr. Lorenzo invited in the capacity of "Workshop Director" at the 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISHRS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October, 8-11 2014, for the organization of the Workshop "Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Manual FUE", which takes place on Wednesday October, 8. 4 years in a row as faculty in the FUE workshop of our international society; two years as workshop director.

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