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We offer a number of ways for you to contact us in order to help you and to provide an exact diagnosis of your hair problems. Ask for an appointment at one of our center in Madrid: One of our staff will arrange an appointment for you with Dr. José Lorenzo who will evaluate your case at the clinic. You can contact us by telephone at  902 602 170  /  912 939 427 and our assistants will gladly take your call. Online consultation: If it does not suit you to come to our clinic, you can ask for a preliminary consultation by email. For greater accuracy, you can send us your digital photos by email (via a digital camera or scanner). In order to be as precise as possible, we require a definition of greater than 1 MB (300 – 600 Kb), using macro and at a distance of between 30 and 50 cm. If possible, take the photos without flash, in a lighted area and and with a white or pale clear background. We need 8 photos which must include photos taken from the following angles: Frontal: close-up and further away: close-up to see clearly the front hair-line and further away to see how the front hair-line fits in with the rest of the patients features, always bearing in mind the real age of the front hair- line (as in the natural front hair-line for for each age group). Right and left-hand sides (including the hair-line): the lateral lines are never symmetrical. Also, the FUE technique takes advantage of the sides and converts them into donor areas. From above: to determine the general degree of hair-loss. From behind: to evaluate the donor area.  
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912 939 427
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