Is everyone a candidate for a hair transplant?
Patients should have realistic expectations and should understand that, given there is currently no method for creating hair, the current techniques aim to redistribute the existing hair in as natural a way as possible. It is for this reason, that candidates are limited by a favourable donor zone with sufficient density relative to the area to be transplanted. Regrettably, male pattern baldness is a progressive condition. The rate of hair that is lost may diminish after reaching 40 years of age but will never completely stop. Therefore the pre-surgical design must ensure a result that is natural looking in the long-term. There is greater demand in patients under 30 years of age. This kind of patient with relative hair loss must understand that, due to their young age, it is impossible to determine to what extent will be their hair loss. Said patient requires a more thorough evaluation to decide between the conservative medical treatment or the alternative of grafts plus medical treatment to stop hair loss and conserve existing native hair.  
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