What is a follicular unit?
When we perform a cross section cut of a hair and study it under the microscope, we observe that the hair grows in follicular units. A follicular unit (F.U.) is composed of: Between one and four terminal hairs, One soft or down hair (rarely two), Up to nine sebaceous glands, The pili arrector muscles, A perifollicular vascular plexus, and a perifollicular neural net,   This suggests to a certain extent that the follicular unit constitutes a physiological entity. In a transplant, the most natural method is to insert the follicular units and therefore avoid the poor aesthetics of the old punch or mini-graft techniques, where various F.U.´s were inserted together at the same point. As well as that, and considering the aesthetics of follicular anatomy, we know that the closer we get to the frontal hair line, the less number of hairs there are in each F.U. (mono-capillary) and as we move back towards the occipital zone, the F.U.´s contain 3 and 4 hairs (for greater density).  
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