What can we expect after undergoing a hair transplant surgery?
Many in the profession will say that we can return to work the next day. This is not entirely correct for all techniques, that is to say, the post-op and consequently the discomforts of a hair transplant depend on the technique used during the extraction phase. The individual extraction technique is minimally invasive and without incisions or stitches meaning that the discomfort felt in the donor zone is well within tolerable levels after 24 hours. The strip technique, however, is not a minor surgery; a flap of skin from 10 to 22 cm long is removed, so patients should be forewarned that the recovery period is longer. Post-operative instructions Have a light and easy-to-chew meal after the procedure. Don’t take any alcoholic drink for 2 days after the procedure. Don’t take any aspirin or any other medicine which contain acetylsalicylic acid. Don’t take any vitamin supplements. Take the medication recommended by injertocapilar.com and always take it after meals. Relax for the rest of the day of the procedure. Under no exception should you scratch or touch the small scabs (if present) in the donor or receptor zone. It’s very important to keep the scalp clean and free of germs from your hands or nails. For those patients who are taking cortisone to prevent inflammation in the forehead, we recommend that you avoid salt in your meals during the 5 days after the procedure. ONLY FOR CASES WHERE THE STRIP TECHNIQUE WAS USED: To prevent any problems with the stitches in the donor area, do not perform any exercises or brisk movements. This includes leaning forward to tie your laces, as this movement can create tension on the stitches of the donor zone. No exercise during the first 3 weeks after the procedure. ONLY FOR CASES WHERE THE STRIP TECHNIQUE WAS USED: one of our doctors in injertocapilar.com will remove the stitches 10 – 12 days after the procedure.  IF YOU USE A HAIR PIECE: you should wait at least one week after the procedure before using it again. INSTRUCTIONS FOR WASHING YOUR HAIR:    IMPORTANT: Do not use any chemical product on your hair for one month after the procedure (dye, hair-spray, gel, foam, etc...). DAYS 1 & 2 POST-OPERATIVE: Receptor Area: saline spray every 2 hours except when sleeping. No washing but the grafts should be free of blood. Donor Area: wash the area ONCE A DAY,  and very carefully with your fingers (not your nails) and using lukewarm water. For the  STRIP technique with stitches, use medical shampoo with Betadine. You will notice some discomfort, tension and slight numbness.  For the FUE technique without stitches, use pharmacy shampoo Penaten or baby shampoo, pH 5.5. You will notice very little discomfort, no tension or numbness. DAY 3 TO 15: Wash the hair twice daily, morning and night with pharmacy shampoo Penaten or baby shampoo, pH 5.5.    For the first 4 days use only the palms of your hands and fingers gently. It’s IMPORTANT to gradually increase the pressure to the scalp as the days go by. NEVER use your nails If there are small scabs, leave the shampoo in for a few minutes before rinsing and these will disappear If you use Minoxidil lotion you can continue to use it 3 or 4 days after the procedure. If it irritates the scalp then reduce the dosage to just once a day or wait for another week before continuing treatment DAY 15 TO 2 MONTHS: Wash your hair with the aforementioned shampoo.   AFTER 2 MONTHS: You can return to using you normal shampoo.    
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