Transplants: How do they work?
Nowadays a hair transplant consists of transplanting hairs from the donor zone where they don’t fall out to the receptor zone where there is little or no hair. That is to say that it is a redistribution of a patients existing hair. And it is possible thanks to the fact that not all the scalp is influenced in the same way by the masculine hormones. We all know that even in very bald men there is still a ring of hair extending around the sides and back of the head. If this hair is not lost during the development of baldness, then it is because these follicles don’t have receptors for DHT, the hormone which causes the frontal and parietal hair to weaken and cease to grow. Therefore, ein hair transplant surgery follicles are obtained from donor areas at sides and back of the head and are later reinserted into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp. Since these follicles are unaffected by the hormone DHT, they continue to grow even though they have been transplanted. That is to say that this hair will grow throughout the patient’s life as it would have done if left in its original position. That said, what a hair transplant cannot avoid (and this is an important factor to bear in mind when designing the pattern for newly transplanted hair) is that hair continues to be lost in areas susceptible to hair loss. Therefore, and and to avoid as much as possible the development of the alopecia, it’s advisable to continue using medicinal anti-DHT measures (finasteride, minoxidil). In this way we can avoid or at least slow down the need to perform successive transplants in the future due to a new reduction in density. Finally,  it is almost impossible to have the same density as was there before the onset of hair loss, when we were adolescents, and it is because of this that in many occasions the appearance of a natural design and adequate hair density corresponding to the patients age depends on the skill of the surgeon.  
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