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The hair autotransplant (initially skin with hair) was performed with varying degrees of success in the first years of the 19th century. The first person to demonstrate the possibility of transplanting hairy areas in animals was Dr. Baromio, around 1804, but the first to treat hair loss by hair autotransplant was Dr. Unger in 1822. Dieffenbach published his doctoral thesis in 1822 also and in it described autotransplants of hair in animals. The modern development of hair transplants did not occur until the last century. In 1939 a Japanese dermatologist called Shoji Okuda was the first to describe the punch technique by using a circular scalpel for grafts in patients with bad burn injuries. Dr. Okuda transplanted grafts of skin with hair and introduced them into small apertures previously made in damaged parts of the scalp. He was able to see how the implants continued to grow in their new locations. In 1943, another Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Tamura, used micro-implants of 1 - 3 hairs to restore female pubic hair. In 1943, another Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Tamura, used micro-implants of 1 - 3 hairs to restore female pubic hair. These small micro implants were obtained surgically by elliptical incisions made in the donor zone. As we can see he used a technique very similar to the one which was in use up until very recently. In spite of the fact that the work of Okuda and Tamura was published in Japanese medical journals, their procedures remained anonymous for some time due to the Second World War. The hair transplant was re-discovered by Dr. Norman Orentriech in New York City in 1952, when he performed the first hair transplant on a male patient with androgenic alopecia. In 1959, Dr. Orentreich published his work after many years of rejection by an incredulous medical community. With him began the modern era of hair transplants. Unfortunately, his work was more orientated towards the punch technique by Okuda rather than the micro-implants used by Tamura, and so in the 1960´s hair restoration surgery began to progress, although in a somewhat incorrect direction.    
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The development of hair transplant surgery
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