Reconstructing the front hair line
The design and position of the front hair line are critical to obtain natural looking results after a hair transplant. The objective is to achieve a mature hair line in harmony with the patient’s age. The size and form of the head varies from one person to another and so too does the position of the hair line. Generally, a distance of around 8 cm (4 fingers) above the eyebrows works well as the lowest starting point for the hair line, although in some cases we have to increase or decrease this distance depending on the facial aesthetics and the size and shape of the head. How the face and head interrelate, their proportions and the available donor zone are also important factors. The most important factor of hair restoration surgery is that the restored hair appears as natural looking as possible. The basics for the artistic distribution of the front hair line are: Correct positioning of each follicular unit. Normally hair grows upwards at an angle of between 45 and 60 degrees in the central part of the front hair line and as we move outwards to the sides it changes its direction of growth and the angle decreases. The implanter allows us to position each follicle at the required angle. The very front line of transplanted hairs is made with follicular units consisting of single hairs only which are placed with high density and are distributed in random pairs. Behind the first line we use units of 2 hairs in the same distribution pattern, increasing to 3 or 4 hairs as we come closer to the posterior regions.   The density of the front line and the front third of the scalp have to be maximum. The appearance of fullness is directly related to the hairs mass, which is in turn related to the number of hairs, thickness, texture, colour and curliness of the hair. The appearance of fullness is also affected by the contrast in colour between the hair and the scalp. The average density of hair in patients with no hair loss is around 70 follicular units per cm2 (around 200 hairs), but only 50% of this number is required to achieve the appearance of normal density, 35 F.U.´s per cm2 (100 hairs per cm2). At all of our reconstructed front hair lines have densities above 45 follicular units per cm2.  
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