Is all hair the same?
It is fundamental for a hair surgeon to have a complete and thorough knowledge of the anatomy and aesthetic of hair in order to be able to achieve the best results. The form and texture of hair varies depending on its stage of evolution and position. There are several different kinds of hair: The so-called lanugo is fine hair, generally fair and not pigmented which covers the foetus and which usually falls out around the eight month of gestation. Down hair or fuzzy hair is fine soft hair and almost invisible which can be observed in the forehead and scalp during pre-puberty. Terminal hair characterizes adulthood and is normally thick, long and of varied pigmentation. There are different subcategories of terminal hair and these can be found in the scalp, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, armpit, chest and pubis. Down or fuzzy hair can become terminal hair; for example, fuzzy hair on the face of teenagers can change into a beard. Terminal hairs on the scalp can also turn into down hair, as is the case in male pattern baldness and female androgenic alopecia.  
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