Classifying hair loss
To classify the severity of alopecia, a number of categories have been created which divide the loss of hair into several stages.  This classification is useful for describing hair loss and how the pattern of hair loss has progressed, particularly when it follows the predictable pattern of androgenic alopecia, be it in men or women. The guide most commonly used for men was developed by Dr. Hamilton and later modified by Dr. Norwood resulting in the so called Norwood-Hamilton Scale. Women suffering from androgen alopecia experience a pattern of hair loss which is somewhat different from that of men Hair loss in women is seen as a diffuse decrease in the thickness of each hair over the whole scalp. There is also a scale to classify hair loss in women called the Ludwig Scale. But there are also exceptions and in some cases men suffer from diffuse thinning of the hair while women may experience similar hair loss patterns as men do.  
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The Norwood Scale - Male Hair Loss Pattern
The Ludwig Scale - Female Hair Loss Pattern
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