Dr. José Lorenzo
Dr. José Lorenzo
Name                        Date of birth Place of birth Nationality                 Degree                 Study Centre Year of degree Specialty Medical Lic. Number Work Center   Position Other studies
Dr. Lorenzo
Breña Alta (La Palma) Canary  Islands
Medicine and Surgery
Complutense University, Madrid
General Surgery 1995
Medilor Clinic
Other studies
José Francisco Lorenzo Hernández
Thoracic Surgery 1998
Hair Transplant Surgery 2003
282851331 (Madrid) Manchester
Grade 8 in piano
Conservatory Santa Cruz Tenerife
Dr.    José   Lorenzo    graduated   from   Madrid´s   Complutense   University   in   1991   in   1991.   He   completed   his   specialization   in   General Surgery   and   Thoracic   Surgery   at   the   Carlos   G.   Duran   General   Hospital   (UBA,   Bs. As.),   a   specialized   area   in   which   he   worked   until he began in hair restoration in 2002. In 2003 he observed the first hair transplants by FUE during a trip to the DHI clinic in Athens, one   year   after   FUE   was   first   described   by   Dr.   Rassman   and   Dr.   Bernstein   (Rassman,   W.T.,   and   R.   M.   Bernstein.   Follicular   unit extraction:   minimally   invasive   surgery   for   hair   transplantation.   Dermatological   Surg.   2002;   720   -   728).   Impressed   by   the   skill   required and   the   potential   of   a   minimally   invasive   technique   which   offered   a   natural   solution,   he   decided   to   put   all   his   energy   into   learning   and developing the method which was then in its infancy. Dr.   Lorenzo   is   a   pioneer   in   Spain   in   the   development   of   the   FUE   technique,   first   as   Chief   Surgeon   at   the   Ceta   Clinic   and   afterwards at   his   own   clinic,   Medilor   (2008),   in   the   city   of Alcobendas,   Madrid.   He   has   performed   studies   to   develop   the   technique,   just   like   other pioneers such as Dr. Cole , Dr. Woods , Dr. Jones , Dr. Feller  or DHI , did in the early years of FUE. He   has   been   a   member   of   the   ISHRS    (International   Society   of   Hair   Restoration   Surgery)   since   2006   after   attending   the   congress held   in   San   Diego   (US).   At   the   congress   in   Las   Vegas   in   2007,   he   made   his   first   presentation   which   was   based   on   the   anchoring system   which   connects   the   follicular   units   to   the   surrounding   tissues   and   its   application   in   the   FUE   technique   ("Skill   vs. Tools").   Since then   he   has   actively   participated   in   all   of   the   annual   congresses   with   talks,   videos,   debates,   live   procedure   presentations   (Patient Live View), Workshop Faculty and Director, Expert Faculty during Breakfast or Coffee, Restore Operation (ISHRS Foundation) etc... He   was   invited   for   the   first   time   to   operate   live   at   the   1st   Mediterranean   Workshop,   in   Israel,   by   Dr.   Ginzburg ,   in   2009.   He   is   currently a    habitual    guest    at    live    operations    at    the    numerous    workshops    on    FUE    throughout    the    world    (Orlando,    Seoul,    Manchester, Bangalore, Brussels, Sao Paolo etc...). He   organized   his   own   workshop   in   Madrid   with   Dr.   Ginzburg   at   the   2nd   Mediterranean   FUE   Workshop   in   May   of   2013.   Present   at this   workshop   were   Dr.   Harris ,   Dr.   Feriduni,    Dr.   Devroye    y   Dr.   Erdogan ;   In   total   there   were   130   attendees   with   10   procedures   being performed and 9.361 follicular units transplanted in 3 days. In   the   development   of   his   particular   technique   of   implanting,   Dr.   Lorenzo   emphasizes   the   use   of   a   tool   which   he   considers fundamental   for   the   results   he   obtains:   the   Implanter.   In   2009   he   collaborated   with   the   Korean   company   Hans   Biomed   in   the   design and production of what is now considered to be the best implanter: the Lion Implanter. Lion Implanter. Along   with   Hasson   &   Wong    Dr.   Lorenzo   also   does   pioneering   work   in   presenting   on   the   internet   videos   of   the   results   of   his transplants,   substituting   the   usual   photographs   which   can   be   easily   manipulated.   His   page   in   youtube ,   contains   more   than   250 videos of hair transplant results. In   2008   he   opened   InjertoCapilar   Argentina   in   Buenos   Aires   with   his   resident   study   colleague,   Dr.   Alejandro   Chueco .   He   has   been working   together   with   Dr.   Ximena   Vila   in   Medilor   since   2009.   InjertoCapilar   Manchester    commences   in   2013   in   collaboration   with   Dr. Farjo. He   is   a   member   of   the   FUE   Research   Committee   of   the   ISHRS   since   its   creation   in   2012,   which   is   tasked   by   the   international   society for   the   investigation   and   development   of   the   FUE   technique.   He   also   chairs   the   subcomité    for   the   standardization   of   the   terminology used   in   FUE,   due   for   completion   in   September   2013.   On   numerous   occasions   Dr.   Lorenzo   has   collaborated   with   the   journal "International   Hair   Transplant   Forum"   with   various   articles   about   the   FUE   technique.   He   has   also   written   several   chapters   in   two books based on hair transplants ("Hair Transplantation" by Dr. Sungjoo Tommy Hwang and "Hair Transplant 720" by Dr. Sam Lam).
2007: 15th ISHRS annual meeting, Las Vegas, US: "Tools Vs Skill". Presentation. General Session 2008: 16th ISHRS annual meeting, Montreal, Canada: "Post-Surgical Telogen Effluvium of the Donor área after FUE Technique". Video. General Session "Big FUE Session. Controversies". Debate. Panelist. 2009: 17th ISHRS annual meeting, Amsterdam, Holland "FUE Technique harvesting tricks". Video. General Session "Live Patient Viewing". Presentation of 2 patients. 2010: 18th ISHRS annual meeting, Boston, US "FUE Technique harvesting tricks II". Video. General Session "BHT for eyebrow transplant". Presentación. General Session "Live Patient Viewing". Presentation of 2 patients. 2011: 19th ISHRS annual meeting, Alaska, US "Efficient FUE Extraction and Implantation with the implanter pen". Video. General Session. "FUE. Different Technical Approaches". Workshop. Faculty. "FUE" Breakfast with the experts, Co-leader 2012: 20th ISHRS annual meeting. Paradise island, Bahamas. "Implantation with implanter pen II". Video. General Session. "Big FUE Sessions: Evaluation of the Donor Site". Presentation. General Session. "FUE Hands-On Course". Workshop. Faculty Coffee with the Experts: Faculty of the Spanish Speaking Table: FUE Breakfast with the Experts: Spanish Speaking Table: Tips for FUE. Newcomers Orientation Breakfast: Faculty President's Annual Giving Fund Reception. Foundation Collaborator. FUE Research Committee: Committee member. "Live Patients Viewing": Presentation of 2 patients. 2013: 21th ISHRS annual meeting. San Francisco. US "Top 10 Characteristics in FUE Technique". Invited Speaker "State of the Art in Hair Restoration Surgery. General Session.  "Follicular Unit Extraction Hands-On Courses". Workshop Director. "FUE Technique". Breakfast with the Expert. Leader. 2014: 22 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia, 8-11 Octuber 2014. Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo in the 22 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October, 8-11 2014". Dr. Lorenzo's agenda (5 events): 7th October 2013: Manual FUE Hands-ON Course: Workshop director for the third year running (2 courses: morning and afternoon) 8th October 2013: Newcomers Orientation Breakfast: Faculty 9th October 2013: President's Annual Giving Fund Reception. Collaborating foundation. 9th October 2013: FUE Science Committee: Committee member. 10th October 2013: Coffee with the experts: Spanish-Speaking Table: FUE & Implanting Pen, Lorenzo
Dr. Lorenzo and  Dr. Bisanga Dr. Wong, Dr. Kolasinsky and Dr. Lorenzo ISHRS annual congress in Amsterdam Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Chueco and Dr. Vila in the LPV in Boston Dr. Lorenzo with Pilar Lorenzo (Director of Medilor Clinic) and Dr. Vila Presentation of patients on Paradise Island, Bahamas Dr. Leavitt, Dr. Tommy Hwang , Dr. Ginzburg and Dr. Lorenzo ISHRS Workshop in Orlando Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Vila at the ISHRS Workshop in Orlando AAHRS 2nd Asian Congress in Seoul Workshop in Manchester Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Vila, Dr. Ginzburg and Pilar Lorenzo (Director of Medilor Clinic)
Member of ISHRS year 2006
Member of ISHRS
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3rd and 5th Annual Meeting AAHRS an AHRS in Bangalore
Presentations at International Congresses:
Presentations at International Workshops: 2009: 1st Mediterranean Workshop for Hair Restoration Surgery hosted by Alex Ginzburg, MD. Tel Aviv, Israel Live surgery. 2010: 16th Annual ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop hosted by Matt Leavitt DO. Orlando, US. "Follicular Anatomy applied to FUE Technique". Presentation. "FUE Technique harvesting tricks". Video "Post-surgical telogen effluvium of the donor área after FUE Technique. Video. Live surgery. 2011: 17th Annual ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop hosted by Matt Leavitt DO. Orlando, US. "Follicular Anatomy". Presentation and video "FUE: Complications and Dissadvantages". Presentation. "BHT in eyebrow transplant". Video. Live surgery. 2012: 2nd annual meeting of Asian Society (AAHRS). Seúl. Corea ·"FUE anatomy": Advanced Review Course. ·"FUE Surgical Technique": Advanced Review Course. ·Live surgery: Advanced Review Course. ·"A Debate of Well-done Strip VS Well- done FUE". Debate. Faculty ·"FUE Complications and Disadvantages". Presentation. General Session. ·"Surgical Implantation Technique with Implanter". Video. General Session. ·"FUE with Implanters". Breakfast with Experts, leader. 2013: Live Surgery Workshop: Patient Selection & Hairline Design hosted by Dr. Farjo MD. Machester. UK ·"Live procedure" (2) ·"Donor Harvesting in FUE". Presentation. 2013: 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop  hosted by Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Ginzburg. Madrid, Spain. "Welcome". Welcome by Dr. Lorenzo as co-director of the workshop. "FUE Anatomy." Presentation. FUE Anatomy debate. Moderator "FUE Technique". Video "Individual FUE Technique". Video "Brief patients presentation". Presentation. Live surgery: 1000 units. FUE Research Committee Meeting. Donor Harvesting Debate. Moderator "FUE complications and disadvantages". Presentation. "Implantation with implanter". Video Transection rate debate. Moderator "Brief patient presentation". Presentation. Live surgery: 500 units. 2013 : Dr. Lorenzo Final 3rd Annual meeting of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (   A   A   H   R   S     2013)   and   5th Annual   meeting   of Association   of   Hair   Restoration   Surgeons,   India   (AHRS-India),    on   the   22th,   23th   and 24th of november of 2013 in Bangalore (India)”. Dr. Lorenzo's agenda (seven events) 22 de Noviembre de 2013: Basic Course: “FUE extraction by Manual Technique”. Video 22   de   Noviembre   de   2013:   Advance   Course:   “How   to   deal   with   young   patients   having   Grad   II   baldness”. Powerpoint   lecture   “Anesthesia;   Lying   down   Vs.   Sitting   position;   extraction   of   graft”.   Powerpoint   lecture   “FUE ater Strip; FUE after FUE. Powerpoint lecture 23   de   Noviembre   de   2013:   General   Session:   “FUE   Planning   in   Advanced   grades   of   Hair   loss”.   Powerpoint lecture “Advantages of implanters in Hair Transplant”. Powerpoint lecture – Video. 24 de Noviembre de 2013: Breakfast with experts – FUE Manual 2014: 20 Orlando Live Surgery Workshop”. Orlando, US, Sponsored By Dr. Matt Leavitt and the ISHRS lon the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of April of 2014. Dr. Lorenzo’s agenda (five events) April 9: Basic Course: "Donor Harvesting with FUE Technique. Instruments". Powerpoint lecture + Video. April10: General Session: "Patient selection and safe donor area”. Powerpoint lecture April 11: General Session: "FUE planing in advanced grades of hair loss”. Powerpoint lecture April 11: Operation Restore Session: “Eyebrow reconstruction in a 9 years-old patient with burn injuries”. Video April 11: Hands-on session: FUE case. Live FUE procedure in the medical center of Bosley-Dr. Leavitt in Orlando. 2014: "V Congresso Brasileiro de Restauraçao Capilar”, Maresias, Sao Sebastiao Brasil. May. From 21st to 25th of May of 2014. Dr. Lorenzo’s agenda (five events) May 22: General session: "FUE: Technique and planning". Video May 22: General session: “FUE: Complication and how to avoid”. PPT lecture May 22: General session: “Controversies: FUT x FUE”. Debate 2014: "European Live Surgery Workshop". Bruselas, Bélgica, hosted by Dr. Devroye. June Friday 13: General session: “Surgical Strategy". Powerpoint Friday 13: General session: “Placement with implanter". Powerpoint. Video Friday 13: Live surgery: Manual FUE extraction. Saturday 14: Breakfast with expert Saturday 14: General session: “FUE in Women". Powerpoint Saturday 14: Live surgery: Manual FUE extraction and implantation with implanter. Sunday 15: Topic moderator: "Patient assessment and Special cases”. Powerpoint 2015: "4th AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and live surgery workshop". Bangkok (Tailandia),los días 28-29 de Marzo de 2015 Final Agenda of Dr. Lorenzo: 4th AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and live surgery workshop, sponsored by the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery and hosted by Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich in the city of Bangkok (Thai), on March 28-29, 2015. 5J’s World’s Renowned Surgeon: Jerry Wong, John Cole, James Harris, Jennifer Martinick, Jose Lorenzo. Friday 28: General session: “The art of FUE with Manuel Punch in Asian Hair". Powerpoint Friday 28: General session: “The Role of FUT in the ERA of FUE". Debate Moderator. Saturday 29: Live Surgery: Manual FUE extraction and implantation with Implanter pen.   2015: “3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop, Istambul (Turkey)”, 26-27-28 June, 2015 Final agenda of Dr. Lorenzo on the 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop hosted by Dr. Koray Erdongan, Alex Ginzburg and José Lorenzo in the city of Istanbul (Turkey), the 26th, 27 and 28th June, 2015,". Among Faculties we were lucky to have Dr. Jerry Wong, John Cole, James Harris, Robert True, Emorane Lupanzula, Hussein Rahal, Bijan Feriduni y Jean Devroye, very well-known and reputed doctors in the field of the FUE Technique. In this opportunity Dr. Lorenzo was in charge of the scientific program of the workshop (chairman). Thursday 25:  General Session: Follicular adherence, Anchor System (ppt) Manual FUE tools (ppt) Quality of the donor area and predictive points (ppt) Debate: moderator on the topic: Hairs per graft in HT technique Introduction: Hair per graft comparison between FUE manual, Strip and Artas (10 months study) (ppt) Implantation FUE graft with implanter (ppt + video) Comparative forceps/ implanters DESCRIPTION OF INDIVIDUAL TECHNIQUES: Manual Step Technique (video) Surgical Session: Extraction, FUE manual: 700 grafts Placement with implanter.. Friday 26: General Session: Surgical strategy in advanced alopecia. Split Technique (ppt) Surgical Session: Placement with implanter. Sábado 27: General Session: Segmented Acell study in 40 patients and results (ppt) Telogen effluvium of the donor site (ppt + video) Surgical Session: Extraction, FUE manual: 1000 grafts Placement with implanter.
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21th ISHRS annual meeting. San Francisco. US
Forthcoming Publications
Hair Transplant 360, Volume 4:  FUE Edited by Samuel M. Lam MD and Kenneth L. Williams DO.  Chapters: 14. Manual FUE. Dr. Lorenzo 19. FUE Complications and Difficult Situations. Dr. Lorenzo, Dra. Vila. 20. Surgery Strategy For Advanced Alopecia. Dr. Lorenzo. Dra. Vila
Publications in International books and journals.  2011: May/June: "Characteristics of a good implanter". Part 1 2011: July/August: "Introduction to the use of the implanters". Part 1 2011: September/October: "Introduction to the use of the implanters". Part 2 2012: "FUE Technique", 3 chapters of the book: "Hair Transplantation" Dr. Sungjoo Tommy Hwang.   Photo 2013: May/June: "Same Bag, two different concepts". Hair Transplant Forum International. 2013: "Implanters in Hair Restoration", 1 chapter of the book: "Hair Transplant 720" Dr. Sam Lam. 2013: Publication of the first part de  "FUE Terminology" or standardization of the language used in FUE, by the Subcommittee of the "FUE Research Committee", in the International Hair Transplant Forum. November/December 2013. Dr. Devroye, Dr. Cole, Dr. True and Dr. Lorenzo.  Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3 2013: December Publication of the second part of "FUE Terminology" or standardization of the language used in FUE, by the Subcommittee of the "FUE Research Committee", in the International Hair Transplant Forum. November/December 2013. Dr. Devroye, Dr. Cole, Dr. True and Dr. Lorenzo.
20 Orlando Live Surgery Workshop V Congresso Brasileiro de Restauraçao Capilar”, Maresias, Sao Sebastiao, Brasil Dr. Lorenzo in the European Hair Transplant Workshop. Brussels