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The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, together with Workshop Hosts Dr. José Lorenzo and Dr. Alex Ginzburg, are pleased to announce the ISHRS 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop to be held in Madrid
Clínica Medilor Paseo de la Chopera, 66 Alcobendas 28100-MADRID
This 3-day workshop will focus on the specialized donor harvesting  technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE). Nine live surgical procedures will  be offered along with implantation with the implanter pen technique. Several  FUE techniques, methodologies and instruments will be discussed including  both manual and motorized FUE.  Sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
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2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop
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Regarding the Program Email: Or contact Dr. Lorenzo’s office at: Telephone: +34- 912 939 427 Fax: +34 912 939 428 Or contact Dr. Ginzburg office at: Telephone: +972-9-7-7603406 Regarding Registration Contact the Workshop Register at: E-mail: Telephone: 001-630-262-5399 Fax: 001-630-262-1520
          FUE Anatomy: Recognize the follicular anchor structures necessary for the extraction of healthy units. Calculate the exact diameter of punch necessary for the extraction, in connection with the diameter of hair from the donor area. Define the concepts of partial transection, total transection and decapitation during extractions of units by FUE technique. Describe the anatomical differences that a follicle extracted by FUE has compared with a follicular unit trimmed by FUT, and its implications for the implantation.
          FUE Surgical Technique: Compare and contrast different instruments and techniques, manual and motorized, for scoring the scalp in the FUE technique. Describe individual technique of each faculty physician. Differentiate methods and tools to “delivery” the follicular unit, after the scoring of the scalp. Appreciate the application of intraoperative special maneuvers, necessary to treat difficult patients by FUE technique.
          FUE Complications and Disadvantages: Analyze the selection criteria for easy and difficult patients. Revise the disadvantages enumerated throughout last years and try to find solution to them. Examine the factors influencing the survival of the graft in FUE technique. Apply extraction strategies to avoid white dots.
          Donor Site in FUE Technique: Evaluate the quality of the donor area and know the number of units to be extracted in the first consultation (surgical plan). Recognize the criteria of recovering for the donor site. Discuss surgical extraction strategies for advanced alopecia.
          Implantation with Implanter Pen: Name the different implanter brands that exist in the market. Identify the different parts of an implanter and know the quality criteria that are used to define it as a good tool. Apply the basic maneuvers needed to begin using the implanter. Evaluate special movements to avoid complications when grafting with implanter (popping and bleeding). Value the use of the implanter in special situations (eyebrows, temples, scars..).
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May 24-26, 2013

January 2013: "ARTAS Robotic System has been confirmed! Dr. Miguel Canales will present a lecture on the robot. Dr. James Harris will perform a live surgery with the ARTAS Robotic System".

See the ARTAS Robot FUE system

March 2013: "Due to the large request for inscriptions we have had to close the registration to the workshop. Thank you for your trust, we hope to see you all in Madrid".