2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop
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MADRID: Sunday, May 26, at 6 pm. Visit to "the Madrid of the Austrias" (3 to 4  hours) with an English-speaking guide.  We will collect and left the customers at  the Hotel Amura. You will share your visit  with the workshop staff. Price: €22 per  person. 
TOLEDO: Monday, May 27, at 9 am. Full day, with an English-speaking guide.  (approx. 7 hours)  It's includes entries to the  Cathedral, Santo Tomé and Santa María,  and lunch at the restaurant La Abadía. We  will collect and left the customers in the Hotel  Amura. You will share your visit with the  workshop staff. Price: €80,00 per person. 
To continue: Loin of cod with La Mancha Ratatouille cream Deer fillets marinated with mushroom sauce
To finish: Truffle and marzipan cake Bread, water, soft drinks, wine or Sangria
Tasting menu of "Montes de Toledo" To begin: Emulsified Partridge salad Iberian ham creamy croquettes Hunt Pate and cheese from "La Mancha".
Limited places
As in all the workshops,  there will be intense activity during all the day, for 3  consecutive days. On Friday we will have the Welcome  Reception; on Saturday, the Gala Dinner (included in  your registration), and for  those who want to prolong  your stay a little bit more  and enjoy our city, we have programmed two different  excursions:
Enjoy! Excursions